Based in Singapore, the foundations to Our Softest Hour were laid down in 2019 after we reconnected at an emotionally intimate art experience.

When public and private spaces everywhere were hastily redrawn due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the ways people interacted, connected and experienced each other were sharply redefined. It led the world to encounter major aspects of life through the lens of technology and the virtual. The arts industry was no exception with the decade’s gradual moves towards digitisation suddenly taking a major leap forward. With that, we immediately saw a dire need to retain and keep thriving the all too human sense of genuine connection and collective intimacy experienced through art in person.

Our Softest Hour hosts annual Encounters, an emotionally and virtually immersive art experience that features works by local and international artists and creatives alike. With every virtual room entered, artist discovered and work experienced, we hope audiences find an avenue of recluse that encourages them to discover or reconnect with spaces within themselves. 

Along with Encounters, this platform is home to Participate - dedicated to creatives who require public contributions for their projects and Shop - a marketplace that supports our artists and creatives. 


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