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Our Softest Hour presents: Shifting Between, an exhibition that weaves together a digital and physical experience.

In the past year, as public and private spaces were redrawn due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we continue to encounter major aspects of our lives virtually, technology has steadily grown more seamless in connecting us; thus we find it and the internet enlarging significantly in our daily lives.

As a direct result, the borders and spaces of our corporeal and virtual realities have been sharply redefined; as the ways people interact, connect and experience each other has evolved. Has this evolution in how we translate, engage with and communicate narratives altered how we experience and internalise recluse and connection, be they personal or communal?

Exhibiting Artists Clarice Ng, Diva Agar, MACHINEOFTHE, nor, Planeswalker and Softslabs. guide you through the new territories and in-betweens as they present double-faceted installations consisting of participatory and interactive works that encourage audiences to be emotionally present both online and offline