Performance Night

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14 June 2020, 5pm SGT

Join us for the live streaming

of Smudging Series: Exercise 3


Music: Apokatastasis by Josef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch

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28 June 2020, 5pm, SGT

12 July 2020, 5pm, SGT

26 July 2020, 5pm, SGT

9 August 2020, 5pm, SGT

23 August 2020, 5pm, SGT

*These sessions require 4 or more sign ups to proceed. An e-mail will be sent to you the day prior to confirm the commencement of the session,


Collaborators: Elena Janssen, Shynna Kalis, Jill Kupers, Domenik Naue, Tessa Spagnoli, Adrian Thömmes, Mariona Vinyes Ràfols

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