In this first iteration of Encounters, we’ve invited 9 artists and creatives alike to navigate various manners of self-soothing in a time of necessary separation. By establishing and preserving a semblance of intimacy through both communal and introspective ways, their works seek to contextualise the open ended stillness we are experiencing across the globe.


As cities and nations reopen, there’s no denying how we interact, connect and experience each other has and will continue to be redefined. Especially so, as we move steadily towards technology and digitisation becoming the primary way of encountering major aspects of our lives. We hope that our founding basis of retaining and nurturing the all too human sense of genuine connection and collective intimacy found through art offers you an avenue to safely discover or reconnect with spaces within yourselves and each other.


We understand the permutations of humanness are infinite. This is simply the beginning of our foray into the many encounters to come – be they together or apart.

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