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Smudging series: Exercise 3


Currently consisting of 5 discrete exercises, smudging series by Ashley Ho explores individual and group approaches to recollection and mark-making using the body. In exercise 3, performers meld the internal and intangible tracing of long-dormant memories with the tactile experience of allowing water to leave. 


The participatory aspect finds both performers and participants alike giving themselves to their bodies in a collective act of releasing tension. In hopes of making space for embodied histories to emerge as personal and shared narratives.

Live Performance:

14 June 2020, 5pm, SGT 


28 June 2020, 5pm, SGT

12 July 2020, 5pm, SGT

26 July 2020, 5pm, SGT

9 August 2020, 5pm, SGT

23 August 2020, 5pm, SGT

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Community Garden

Community Garden is a patch of virtual soil for viewer’s plants and subsequently an extension of themselves to meet. It attempts to relate the sense of togetherness and collective action conveyed in real life community gardens, into a virtual experience.


A project of simple intentions, it gradually accumulates public plant submissions into a shared web space by urging audiences to stop and smell (in this case, snap a picture of and upload) the roses, or any other plant. Simultaneously encouraging viewers to observe how the process and outcome makes them feel.


Utilizing the cut and paste aesthetic of collage and memes, Community Garden incorporates the elements of hypertexts, mass anonymous collaboration and the commons. Hence, leaning away from themes

of exclusivity and singular ownership.


1 June 2020 – 31 August 2020

You may email images of your plants (in a jpeg/png file) to


Do also include:

1. Your name

2. Subject title of email – OSH | community garden submission

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I'm Listening... (an echo)

I’m Listening... (an echo) is an interactive sound piece that emulates the act of confiding and listening through a text + sound based dialogue between artist and participant.


Those who wish to participate, send in their introspections and late night thoughts for the artist to respond to, with a personalised 15-30 second melody. By using musical sound as language and a form of accompaniment, the work hopes to facilitate emotional thought and concerns that are collectively being experienced during times of uncertainty. Rendering the artistic process, a form of acknowledgement, comfort and assurance.


1 June 2020 – 15 July 2020

You may anonymously send in ‘a thought, a feeling, a concern’.


Do look out for your melody within 3 days after. 

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