Track listing:

1. Posh Nosh (Clean Hands), 1"16

2. Claudius' Theme, 1"35

3. Swiss Army Flower Shop, 3"13

4. Eating/Analysis, 0"51

5. Grasshopper Skateboard Juice, 3"03

6. Clubby MacClub Sandwich, 4"31


Odds and Ends: Sounds to Amuse EP is a collection of some of our more obscure material. Consisting mainly of instrumental pieces, it details our more experimental works, most of which began life as jokes. Not quite the first release we were thinking of, Odds and Ends: Sounds to Amuse is more of a primer/sampler of the Paper Divers sound as we gear up for our independent release at the end of the year (hopefully). A standout track is Grasshopper Skateboard Juice.


© 2020, Paper Divers, All rights reserved

Odds and Ends: Sounds to Amuse EP

  • © 2020, Paper Divers, All rights reserved

  • Started out as a synthpop band, Paper Divers has gradually grown more experimental and adventurous. Working with cello, clarinet, trombone, trumpet and violin players among others, to achieve their vision. Lyrically, their songs range from word salads, to existential cries for help. They really write about anything. They are currently in the midst of producing their first official release.

© Our Softest Hour, 2020. All Rights Reserved.