Audiovisual portrait, 5"00


Only soundtrack included for this purchase.


Tales is an audiovisual portrait by Planeswalker. It explores a sense of intimacy with a digital 'bedroom' while connecting to emotion. Planeswalker's music often questions the dichotomy between creation and reality, extending to a reflection of spirituality – which is to find a place within ourselves that guides as well as frees us.


© 2020, Planeswalker, All rights reserved

Tales (Audio only)

  • © 2020, Planeswalker, All rights reserved

  • With a curiosity for blending recorded and synthesised sound, Planeswalker is an electronic producer and sound artist who takes his audience on an explorative journey. Eclectic and ambitious, his artistic project combines sound, art, design and performance – making up live sets that are highly immersive and emotive.


    Planeswalker is the second project by Mervin Wong. Originally trained in classical music, his current electronic venture mixes these instruments (viola, electric violin, recorded sounds) to form an uncanny, stirring and dramatic style. Prior to the Planeswalker debut, the artist has performed at Esplanade (Singapore), ArtScience Museum (Singapore), KLEX (Kuala Lumpur), Reykjavík  (Iceland), Busan (South Korea), Sienna (Italy), Natal (Brazil).


    Instagram: @planeswalker00
    Website: planeswalker.space
    Contact: planeswalker@mervinwong.com
    Bookings: bookings@19sixtyfive.com.sg

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